ADF Active App

The Problem: Applying for the Australian Defence Forces means one thing - you have to be fit.
Before you are accepted into any of the Forces you must complete your PFA - Pre-Entry Fitness Assessment.

The Insight: The majority of the population who would be eligible to apply for an Australian Defence Force roll would fail.
But there are a lot of fit people out there that would breeze through the test.

Our strategy was twofold:
1 • Create an app that could get candidates fit for the Pre-Entry Fitness Assessment
2 • Appeal to the fitness audience already in a fit state.
Fitness fanatics want to know if they're fit enough to get through Commando or SAS training!

How we did it: The app was created with a new personalised fitness program algorithm based on our own extensive research and testing with elite Defence Force Physical Trainers. 

ADF - Active App - StatsADF - Active App - Stats

Creative Direction & Product Lead

•  Field research: physical test and interviews with Defence Force Trainers
•  Development of the training course
•  Attend and direct daily scrums
•  Creative direction of app design and visual identity
•  Director - Training films: edits and GFX