ADF Active App

Applying for the Australian Defence Forces means one thing - you have to be fit.
Before you are accepted into any of the Forces you must complete your PFA - Physical Fitness Assessment.

The majority of the population who would be eligible to apply for an Australian Defence Force roll would fail. And most candidates fail their first PFA.

But there are a lot of fit people out there that would breeze through the test.

Our strategy was twofold:
1 • Create an app that got people fit for the Physical Fitness Assessment
2 • Appeal to the fitness fanatics already in a fit state who would be attracted by the notion of seeing if they're Defence Force fit. Everyone wants to know if they're fit enough to get through Commando or SAS training!

The pool of people who want to join the Defence Forces and are fit enough to pass the PFA is tiny compared to the pool of passionate fitness fans. Why try to put more unfit candidates in the funnel when you can fill it up with the physically fit who you can expose to the benefits of the Australian Defence Force that they haven't considered before.

The app was created from the ground up with a completely new personalised fitness program algorithm based on our own extensive research and testing with elite Defence Force Physical Trainers.